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Tel: 541-552-1037

Tel: 541-552-1037

paradise difference

The Paradise Difference



Since our founding in 1999, the Paradise Team has played a central role in helping growers overcome the unique challenges of farming in the Rogue Valley.  We have braved volatile Oregon weather, navigated a shifting legal landscape, and worked with a finicky crop, just as you have. We have spent many years fine tuning our craft, and we are eager to share everything we have learned because we know that our success remains entirely dependent on yours.  Everything we do at Paradise Supply is grounded in our commitment to you, the grower. Our mission is exactly the same as it was when we opened our doors nearly 2 decades ago – to empower you to Grow your Best®. 

When it comes to growing, there are many things that can derail a successful harvest.  Our job is to help you mitigate as many of those factors as possible so that you have the highest probability of achieving optimal plant yield.  It starts with the right plan.  At Paradise, we can help you lay out your season in a detailed way so that you not only eliminate surprises, but also have the ability to forecast harvest results. Now, more than ever, you need a structured approach to growing – one which optimizes cost efficiency, provides the right amount of on-site consulting, tracks and schedules product delivery and ultimately provides you with a way to track the value of your garden. 


Newly renovated facility, two full levels of supplies.

We are proudly the largest grow store in Oregon, with the largest on-hand inventory.

grow your best

How Our Plan Works

It all starts with your expectations. Our customized plans are designed to work backwards from your harvest goals.  We build a grow season ‘blueprint’ for you which represents your farms maximum potential based on current facility production parameters, the plants you intend to grow and the amount of investment you intend to make during the year.  Your blueprint contains all of the agricultural supplies you will need to reach your expected output, along with their discounted costs. We will lock all cost totals in for you for a period of time so that you have one less variable to worry about.    


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Great Store for all your gardening needs. Knowledgeable staff always willing to talk about gardening to help get you on the right track, only suggesting nutrients, additives, or equipment when it's beneficial for you. Also locally owned which is another good reason to give them your business.

Had a great experience with Paradise Supply. Aeron was EXTREMELY knowledgeable and helpful with our particular gardening needs. Gave my husband and I a quick education on the fly. We consider Paradise Supply our new go to place for our gardening needs. 

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